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Rotary Gear Pumps

  • Victor - Garbarino
  • 1 1/2" - 10" Discharge
  • 1500 GPM
  • Max Differential Pressure: 230 PSI
  • Viscosity: up to 450.000 SSU
  • Temperature: -76°F to 570°F

Rotary Gear Pumps Are Versatile Options

We offer rotary gear pumps from Victor Pumps and Garbarino Pumps. The models we carry come in sizes from 1 ½-inch to 10-inch discharges. They can handle up to 1,500 gallons of fluid per minute. Maximum differential pressure up to 230 PSI and viscosity up to 450 SSUs. Our rotary gear pumps can handle -76°F to 570°F.

Rotary Gear Pumps For SaleHow Do Rotary Gear Pumps Work?

  1. Fluids enter the suction port between the rotor (also known as the large exterior gear) and idler (the small interior gear) teeth.
  2. Liquid travels through the pump between the teeth. The moon shape splits the fluids and provides a seal between the suction and discharge ports.
  3. The pump fills up with liquid, and the fluids are forced out through the discharge port.

What Are Rotary Gear Pumps Used For?

Rotary gear pumps are extremely versatile. Often used on thin liquids like solvents and fuel, they also work great for pumping thick liquids like asphalt, adhesives, and chocolate. Other common applications for rotary gear pumps include all types of fuel and lube oils, resins & polymers, alcohol & solvents, asphalt, tar, polyurethane foam, glycol, soaps, paints, inks, and food products.

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