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Pump/Motor Assemblies

Scot Pumps and Motor Assemblies for Sale Online

Scot Pump Pump and Motor Assemblies

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation provides centrifugal pump and motors for commercial and industrial grade applications. Scot Pump is an original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.), specializing in end suction centrifugal pumps. Scot Pump pumps and motors are built to perform with the highest efficiency and stability.

With five different pump and motor assemblies and 26 different variations you won’t find a better selection of Scot Pump products anywhere else. Contact us for product help or more information!

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Scot Pump pump/motor assemblies are available in 3 standard finishes:

Scot Pump offers two different styles of pump and motor assembly designs:

Pump Solutions pumps and motors are capable of accommodating a variety of projects. Depending on the specifications of your project, our motor applications vary in impeller size and the handling capacity of gallons per minute (GPM). Scot Pump impellers parts range from 5” to 13.3”in size and can handle anywhere from 130 to 4500 GPM.

Wisconsin Scot Pump Distritubor of Pump/Motor Assemblies

All Scot Pump pumps and motors are either totally enclosed and fan cooled (TEFC) or open drip proof (ODP), sometimes both. These features offer protection from weather, dirt, and moisture. Shop Scot Pump products online or contact Pump Solutions #1 Corporation for the lowest prices and knowledgeable service: 262-835-0774

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