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Pump Solutions #1 Corporation provides unbeatable pump replacement and pump repair services. We focus all of our time and energy on being the #1 pump company.  Routine servicing such as a pump schematic inspection or a system diagnostics can help increase the production and efficiency of your pump system. 

All-Flo Pump Distributor

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation carries All-Flo AODD (Air Operated Diaphragm) pumps and replacement parts built for performance.

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 The standard we set for all our manufacturers ensures our All-Flo pumps offer the highest quality in the industry. With a Pump Solutions #1 Corporation air operated diaphragm pump or replacement part, your new water handling system will interact seamlessly providing the highest performance for your operation.  All-Flo lube-free pumps are durable and will not stall or slow speeds providing continuous duty. 

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Rely on Pump Solutions #1 Corporation to provide you with the best pricing and service on reliable All-Flo pumps. The All-Flo brand has continually delivered durable, high-performance pumps. Since 1986 All-Flo's main focus has been the diaphragm pump. Every  air operated diaphragm pump is built for quality, efficiency and meant to last under the toughest environments.

Keeping your air operated diaphragm pump running smoothly, is the first step to avoid expensive delays and repairs. By doing regular pump maintenance your diaphragm pump can stay cleaned and maintained. Air operated diaphragm pumps are easier to maintain than pumps with a plethora of electrical components. Here are a few routinely checkups you should do with your All-Flo Diaphragm Pump:

  • All Flo PumpsExcess moisture in the air may cause problems with your All-Flo pump. The best way to check air quality is by looking at the needle valve regularly.
  • With time plastic components can shift and expand. This is why you should re-torque as much as possible, to sustain the lifetime of your pump.
  • Rocks or materials can clog the pump flow. To avoid build up and clogged up pump flow, regularly check the inlet/outlet of your pump.


We are proud to provide our customers with another exceptional brand. Since All-Flo works with us,  our pumps and parts are right here in Wisconsin, ready to be shipped to your manufacturing facility throughout the Midwest. The pumps provided by All-Flo don’t need a specialist to maintain.

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation will help you decide on the perfect All-Flo product for your industry, including but not limited to food and beverage, mining and construction, oil and petroleum, and petrochemical. As a leading manufacturer, All Flo carries industries across the country with performance engineered water handling equipment.


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