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Pump Solutions #1 Corporation provides unbeatable pump replacement and pump repair services. We focus all of our time and energy on being the #1 pump company.  Routine servicing such as a pump schematic inspection or a system diagnostics can help increase the production and efficiency of your pump system. 

Scot Pump Master Distributor

Scot Pump Master DistributorScot Pump Products, Parts, Repair Kits, and Accessories 

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation is a Master Distributor for Scot Pump, a leading pump manufacturer based in Cedarburg, WI. 

Scot Pump specializes in end suction single stage centrifugal pumps. Scot Pump centrifugal pumps feature simple, rugged design and high quality materials for trouble-free maintenance and durability. 

You’ll find Scot Pumps ranging from ¾” through 12”, with 1/3 through 150HP motors. Scot Pump maintains a large stock of components and motors, allowing them to deliver quickly (2 weeks or less). 

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation carries a complete line of quality Scot Pumps, Scot Pump parts, and Scot Pump Repair Kits and Accessories, including motors and seal kits. Call us at 262-835-0774 and talk to a customer service specialist to find the Scot Pump product or parts you need!

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Scot Pump Industrial Applications

By maintaining a focus on end suction single stage centrifugal pumps, Scot Pump is able to offer a variety of pumps for many different environments and applications, including:

  • High temperature cabinets
  • Industrial plants
  • Truck mounted
  • Outdoor rooftop
  • Agricultural fertilizer
  • Low temperature chiller
  • Parts washers
  • Temperature controllers
  • Marine environments
  • Water features
  • Military

Scot Pump’s quality assurance program meets military specifications, and they have a reputation for high quality products and fast delivery. Get a free quote on your Scot Pump part or pump system today!

Scot Motor Pumps, Engine Pumps, & Frame Pumps

Scot Pump offers different types of centrifugal pumps designed to be close coupled to either NEMA standard electric motors, gasoline or diesel engines, or bearings frames. Economy of design is evident in the pump adapter mounted directly to the driver’s C-face. The impeller is directly installed on the driver shaft.

Because there are no couplings to adjust or maintain, you enjoy perfect alignment when you choose a Scot Pump. These quality pumps are also known for having exceptional seal life and quiet operation.


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