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Pump Solutions #1 Corp is a proud distributer of All-Flo pumps and repair kits. Choose from a large selection of pumps depending on the size of fluid transfer you need. All-Flo is known for lube free, non-stalling air diaphragm pumps serving many industries, ranging from food and beverage, mining and construction, petroleum and oil, and petrochemical. All-Flo pumps are U.S. made, guaranteeing exceptional quality for plumbers worldwide. We carry All-Flo pumps for a multitude of applications including, but not limited to, fluid transfer, dewatering, dispensing, and filter-pressing. All-Flo models feature a compact box design for portability. Although lightweight, these pumps carry the same desired qualities of large pumps. Choose from aluminum, Polypropylene, and conductive nylon material. When you’re looking for a compact, lightweight pump for low fluid situations, our conductive nylon models are a great option.  A non-metallic air section features chemical compatibility for a low volume fluids transfer. ¾” and 1” models are great for medium to heavy duty fluid volumes. Our 3” pumps are made for the heaviest duty projects. A rugged design is made to withstand conditions ranging from slurries to solids. The non-metallic air section ensures stall and freeze free operation. Whether you need a small pump for light pumping or a large, heavy duty pump to take you through your commercial needs, trust All-Flo! All-Flo pumps include a five year manufacturer warranty, reimbursing you in case of any manufacturer damage or defects, not including tampering or misuse of the pump. 

All-Flo pumps are made to last when properly taken care of. Pump Solutions #1 Corp carries All Flo wet end repair kits in case you experience any wear and tear. Our pump repair kits are great for those seeking fast and easy repair without seeing a technician. Each wet end repair kit includes useful pump replacement parts along with installation instructions. Our vast selection of wet end repair kits fit All-Flo pumps ranging from ¼” to 3,”providing you efficient repair no matter what model have.  Pump Solutions #1 Corp also offers All-Flo repair service for more extreme damage. Feel free to contact us for a recommendation on whether to use a wet end repair kit or send your pump to us for repairs.

Pump Solutions #1 Corp Expands their All-Flo Pump Products

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation now offers the following.

  • Hygienic pumps
  • Sanitary pumps
  • Pulsations dampeners

Multiple industries can benefit from the products above. When your pipes are rattling count on pump solutions # 1 Corporation to provide you with a quality pulsation dampener. Use a hygienic centrifugal pump to decrease product degradation and to handle fluids with high viscosity levels. At Pump Solutions #1 Corp we are dedicated to providing you with a high performing pump for your needs. Simply contact us today to get started.

Shop our extensive collection of All-Flo pumps and repair kits or request a Pump Services and Pump Components Quote from Pump Solutions #1 Corp today. 

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