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Pumps, Parts, Motors & Repair Service from Wisconsin Master Distributor Serving Midwest Industry

Scot Pump Dealer also Representing American Marsh Pumps, WEG Motors, Baldor Motors and Other Leading Manufacturers

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation is a full service master distributor for pumps, pump repair, and pump system inspection. We are based in Wisconsin and support customers throughout the Midwest, including Minnesota, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota, Upper Michigan and Indiana.

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Pump Solutions #1 Corporation is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality pumps, pump parts, pump system analysis services and the best possible customer service.

Our team of knowledgeable pump experts will assist you throughout the entire process:

  • Choosing the right pump
  • Finding the best price on pumps and pump parts
  • Maintaining your fluid handling system

Whether you’re looking for a new pump, replacement pump, or a complete pump system evaluation, you can depend on the best pump supplier in the business: Pump Solutions #1 Corporation. We sell and support pumps for many industries and applications including pumps for mining, construction, marine environments, military applications and more.

For pump sales, service, questions, or a pump component quote, call the pumping solutions experts Wisconsin trusts at 262-835-0774

Replacement Pump Parts, Pump Accessories, Pump, and Motors

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation carries the highest quality pumps, pump motors, pump accessories, and replacement pump parts for manufacturing and processing centers across many industries. We have a wide selection of pumps, including:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Inline pumps
  • Frame mounted pumps
  • Air operated pumps (AODD)
  • Multi-stage pumps
  • Rotary pumps
  • Industrial Pumps

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation can determine the best fluid handling system for your desired application. We supply pumps, motors, and replacement components from top pump manufacturers, including Scot Pump, All-Flo, AMT, Calpeda, Baldor, WEG, Grundfos, and many more.

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Pump Repair, Pump Installation, and Pump System Layout Inspection Experts

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation repair and system evaluation experts have decades of experience in the field working with many kinds of fluid handling systems. Our team understands prompt service and professional pump solutions make all the difference.

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation offers pump repair kits for a quick fix after regular wear and tear. Our selection of wet end repair kits range from ¼” to 3” and are suitable for most models. We also offer full service on-site or in-shop repairs for all our pumps and motors.

If your company, manufacturing facility, or processing center needs assistance solving a complex issue, finding a new method for fluid movement, or taking a new approach to an old method, depend on Pump Solutions #1 Corporation. 

Scot Pump Distributor & Service Provider

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation is a master distributor for Scot Pump. Manufactured in Cedarburg, WI, Scot Pump specializes in end suction centrifugal pumps and has earned a reputation for the best delivery, customer service, and quality. Scot Pumps offers ¾” to 12” pumps, with 1/3 to 150 horsepower motors. Scot Pump has also proudly helped several defense contracts since 1973. 

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation services and distributes Scot Pumps in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota

We carry bronze and stainless steel pump ends as well as full cast iron motors. Whether you need a replacement part or a new Scot Pump application, Pump Solutions #1 Corporation is the Midwest’s best resource for Scot Pump products and services. We offer:

  • Pump testing and repairs
  • Full system inspections
  • Pump installation, upgrades, and re-rates
  • Coating, hardening and chrome plating services

As a Master Distributor of superior centrifugal Scot Pump ends and motor, Pump Solutions #1 Corporation can find the right product for your needs. Scot Pumps have a reputation for reliability, durability, and performance.

Contact Pump Solutions #1 Corp for Scot Pump sales, repair, or service or CALL: 262-835-0774 

Baldor Motor Distributors Providing Sales, Parts & Service to Wisconsin & Midwest

Baldor electric motors are built with Baldor’s commitment to quality and the safety of their customers. Baldor designs and manufactures industrial electric motors such as AC Motors, DC Motors, Servo Motors, and Gearmotors.

Pump Solutions #1 Corp is one of the Midwest’s largest distributors of Baldor products, including:

  • Energy efficient motors
  • Baldor motor replacement parts

Baldor motors provide solutions for many important industries including mining, water & wastewater, paper & forest, air handling, aggregate & cement, chemical, oil & gas, and more!

Contact Pump Solutions #1 Corp for quality Baldor motors by calling 262-835-0774

Wisconsin Distributor of WEG Electric Motors

WEG is the largest industrial electric motor manufacturer in North America, producing over 21 million units annually. Pump Solutions #1 Corp is proud to offer high-quality, dependable WEG electric motors to our customers. 

WEG electric motors are specifically developed for a wide range of industrial and commercial pumping applications. Find the exact product you need by searching with required horsepower or phase.

Pump Solutions #1 Corp offers a full selection of WEG motors including:

  • Close coupled pumps
  • Jet pumps
  • TEFC or ODP
  • Fire pump motors
For WEG motor service, support, and sales contact Pump Solutions #1 Corp at 262-835-0774

All-Flo Pump Distributors

Wisconsin pump repair solutions

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation offers a wide selection of pumps and replacement parts from All-Flo. All-Flo’s line of air diaphragm pumps provide the same performance and durability of larger pumps in a small, lightweight package. 

All-Flo’s lube free, non-stalling air diaphragm pumps offer superior dependability in aluminum, Polypropylene, non-conductive nylon, and non-metallic for chemical compatibility. 

A new All-Flo pump or replacement part from Pump Solutions #1 Corporation will ensure your fluid handling system will exceed your expectations and provide the highest performance during operation.

All-Flo’s non-stalling, rugged pumps ensure dependable continuous operation. 

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation will help you find the perfect All-Flo pump or replacement part: call us now at 262-835-0774 to speak to a pumping solutions expert!

Wisconsin’s #1 Pump Company for Sales and Service

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation provides expert pump repair, system diagnostics, pump motors and replacement parts with the best possible service to customers in many Wisconsin & Illinois locations including Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, Muskego, Burlington, Waukegan and the surrounding areas. 

Wisconsin Pump Parts & Accessories Supplier

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation has a huge selection of high quality pumps and pump components from major manufacturers. We encourage customers to contact us to discuss having your fluid handling system inspected and evaluated by the best pump distributors and repair experts in the business. Call us anytime at 262-835-0774

Contact Wisconsin's best pump and electric motor distributors or get a quote on pump services or components from Pump Solutions #1 Corp

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Your dedication to your customers is unheard of, you were with us all the way from design, shipping problems, startup and helped us alot during the warranty issues. The system is fantastic and working just like we wanted.......Dan, IL.

This Illinois pump system service testimonial represents the typical results of Pump Solutions #1 Corporation.

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