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Self Priming

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Cast Iron Self Priming
Pump Image Part No. Size Motor HP Range Motor
074NVPSpecial_small 74NVP 2" 1* Self Priming
074Special_small 74 2" 2, 3 Self Priming
075-5Special_small 75-5 3" 5 Self Priming
075-7Special_small 75-7 3" 7.5, 10 Self Priming

High Volume
• 60 Hz, 3500 RPM
• Capacity to 375 GPM
• 110 Foot Head
• High Inlet Design
• Check valve in the suction is not required for priming, but a check
  valve is required in the system to prevent back siphoning to liquid supply.
• All Iron Construction standard, bronze fitted available
• Stainless steel shaft
• ODP standard, TEFC available

* Use 1½ HP for TEFC motor.  1½ HP is not equipped with cord.

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