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What is the Difference between Oil Filled and Air Filled Submersible Pumps?

Manufacturers have been debating long about filling a submersible pump cavity with oil or without oil. An oil filled pump is filled with oil to cover the bearing and windings. An air filled pump is not filled with oil but with air. So when one of these motors transfers heat from the rotor core or motor windings it is done with oil or water.

Pros and Cons of Oil Filled and Air Filled Pumps.





  • Thermal conductivity power
  • Self-lubrication
  • More efficient at passing energy to the cooling medium
  • Long lifespan
  • Higher motor efficiency
  • Shielded Bearing lubrication
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long life span



  • Additional viscous loss 
  • Environmentally hazardous
  • Periodic replacements of oil 
  • Poor heat transfer

Which one is Better Oil Filled or an Air Filled Pump Design?

This question is heavily debated and depends mostly on the design of your pump. If you are having trouble on deciding what pump to choose contact Pump Solutions #1 Corp for questions on pumps, pump parts and replacement pumps.

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