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Baldor Explosion Proof Motors

Part No Description List Price
CEM7072T 5//3HP, 3450//2900RPM, 3 PHASE, 60//50HZ, 184TC $2,167.00
EM7064T 50//40HP, 1775//1475RPM, 3 PHASE, 60//50HZ, 326T $12,818.00
JM7071 2HP, 3450RPM, 3 PHASE, 60HZ, 56J, X3524M, XPFC, F1 $980.00
JMM7026T 3HP, 3460RPM, 3 PHASE, 60HZ, 182JM, 3620M, XPFC, F1 $1,466.00
JMM7045T 7.5HP, 3480RPM, 3 PHASE, 60HZ, 213JM, 3723M, XPFC $2,610.00
JMM7072T 5HP, 3465RPM, 3 PHASE, 60HZ, 184JM, 3634M, XPFC, F1 $1,981.00
JMM7074T 10HP, 3500RPM, 3 PHASE, 60HZ, 215JM, 3731M, XPFC, F $2,956.00
JMM7075T 3HP, 3450RPM, 3 PHASE, 60HZ, 145JM, 3532M, XPFC, F1 $1,466.00
L4003A .25HP, 1725RPM, 1 PHASE, 60HZ, 48, X3411L, XPFC, F1 $553.00
L5023T 1HP, 1725RPM, 1 PHASE, 60HZ, 143T, 3528L, XPFC, F1 $980.00
L5030T 1.5HP, 3450RPM, 1 PHASE, 60HZ, 143T, X3528L, XPFC $1,136.00
VL5005A .5HP, 1140RPM, 1 PHASE, 60HZ, 56C, X3528L, XPFC, F1 $1,149.00
VL5007A .75HP, 1725RPM, 1 PHASE, 60HZ, 56C, X3524L, XPFC $920.00
VL5024A 1.5HP, 1725RPM, 1 PHASE, 60HZ, 56C, X3546L, XPFC $1,379.00
VM7005A .5HP, 3450RPM, 3 PHASE, 60HZ, 56C, X3410M, XPFC, F1 $861.00
VM7009A .75HP, 3450RPM, 3 PHASE, 60HZ, 56C, X3413M, XPFC $890.00
VM7013 1HP, 3450RPM, 3 PHASE, 60HZ, 56C, X3416M, XPFC, F1 $927.00

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