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Pump Solutions #1 Corporation employs experienced pump repair specialists who perform excellent pump services.  Our customers’ testimonials demonstrate the incomparable level of quality service we deliver with every pump repair service. 

Pump Installation and Repair Customer Reviews

Wisconsin Pump Company Customer Service Testimonials

The Pump Solutions #1 Corporation pump repair experts, pump system evaluation specialists, and replacement pump sales team are committed to providing our customers with the best fluid handling systems and unbeatable pump related services. Our wide selection of pumps and pump accessories from the industry’s major manufacturers, coupled with decades of combined experience in the pump repair and replacement field, ensures our team will find the perfect solution for your issues. Providing you with the best possible services is the least we can do.  

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Pump Solutions #1 Corporation encourages our customers to provide feedback on your experience with our pump sales and pump services teams. We want our services to be the best in the business and we feel customer responses are an excellent method for identifying new ways to improve our processes.  Customer-written testimonials will be sent directly to the President of Pump Solutions #1 Corporation, ensuring your opinions and experience will be addressed directly.

Please read through our list of customer-provided testimonials below for a better understanding of the top quality services and pump components offered by Pump Solutions #1 Corporation.

Wisconsin’s #1 Pump Company for Sales and Service

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation provides expert pump services including repair, system diagnostics, pump motors and replacement parts with the best possible service to customers in many Wisconsin & Illinois locations including Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, Muskego, Burlington, Waukegan and the surrounding areas. 

Contact the pump components and accessories distributors at Pump Solutions #1 Corp today for more information on our centrifugal pump repairs, pump system schematics inspections, and more.

Your dedication to your customers is unheard of, you were with us all the way from design, shipping problems, startup and helped us alot during the warranty issues. The system is fantastic and working just like we wanted.......Dan, IL.

This Illinois pump system service testimonial represents the typical results of Pump Solutions #1 Corporation.

Thanks for selling us the trouble free Scot Pumps and I will keep Pump Solutions #1 Corp. in mind if we need a quote for some equipment or parts.......Thanks Carl, WI.

Wisconsin Scot Pump repair and maintenance resulted in this satisified customer.

Your experience and knowledge of the process helped us out tremendously as well as being able to visit us during the startup of the system. Most places do not offer that anymore, thanks again......Al, IL.

Another satisfied Illinois pump system repair client.

Hey thanks, you are more than welcome to visit our facilities, and thanks again for all your hard work you do for us...Don, Wi.

Yet another satisfied Wisconsin pump supply client, a manufacturer who couldn’t be happier with our services.

Just wanted to take a second to thank you very much for your quick help with the pump. Our customer is very pleased with how quickly you got that to us.....Clarice, WI.

We're glad to hear more positive feedback from another Wisconsin pump repair service client.

Things went just fine. Our quench is working like it should. I just wish you had introduced yourself earlier. We are very happy with the work performed. I would be more than happy to recommend any future work of this kind, we will be contacting you.........From Kevin, Addison, IL

The above Antioch pump repair testimonial is typical of the results delivered by Pump Solutions #1 Corporation. Contact us for more details about distributors, repair service, or replacing pump parts and accessories.

I am glad I found you guys. I can place orders, know I will get what I ordered and delivered to the correct address when it was promised. Now I can go about my business without any worry.........From Harvey in Illinois

Another client satisfied by our Illinois pump supplier. These results are typical. Contact us to see for yourself.

Michelle, just wanted to say thanks again for the help yesterday, that little pump had a whole department shut down up here, so the pressure was on. You and Stacy came through for us and your professionalism and service will not be forgotten......Thank you, Carl

Emergency Wisconsin pump repair service done right, from Pump Solutions #1 Corporation.

Thanks again for getting 2 shipments of pumps we needed right away, you guys rock!.........From John, Schaumburg, IL

Another positive experience with Schaumberg pump service.

I want to thank you again for going above and beyond what most other vendors do, in the end my customer (a Hospital) was relieved to be up and running in less than 8 hours. Now that is service!.....From Jim, Green Bay, WI.

This Green Bay pump replacement service testimonial demonstrates the consistently excellent results delivered by Pump Solutions #1 Corporation. Contact us for part repair or accessories from Scot, WEG, or DP.

Thank you for the rapid response given. We were able to install the pump on our machine less than 24 hours after placing the order..........From Frank, South Bend, Indiana.

Another South Bend pump service repair testimonial.

Just an update on the pump-it was a good replacement and is working great, thanks a million......From Ed, Skokie, IL

Looks like another satisfied Skokie pump repair and replacement testimonial.

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