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Scot Pump Impeller Replacement


Scot Pump Impellers for Sale OnlineScot Pump impellers for sale online

Replacement Impellers & Accessories

Impeller Types:

  • Open
  • Enclosed
  • Semi-Open

Impeller Materials:

  • Cast Iron
  • Cast Iron Bronze Fitted
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bronze

Need help choosing the right replacement impeller for your Scot Pump? We're here to help! We also offer a huge selection of Scot Pump replacement parts for all models.


Understanding impeller types

An open impeller only consists of blades attached to a hub. It is the least efficient impeller, but they are best suited for applications where the impeller needs cleaning or there is a chance of blocking. A semi open impeller contains a circular plate attached to one side of the blades. An enclosed impeller (also known as a shrouded impeller) has a circular plate attached to each side of the blades.

The spaces between the blades of the impeller are called channels. Five to ten channels offer maximum efficiency when there are no solid particles in the fluid. When the fluid has particles, for example waste water, one to three channels work the best.

About centrifugal pump impellers

The impeller is the center of a centrifugal pump. It’s connected to the motor shaft which causes it to rotate and create velocity in the fluid it’s immersed in. When the fluid rotates it flows outward radially due to the centrifugal force generated by the impeller.

At the same time, negative pressure is created where the water is getting sucked in. Along with the pump casing (aka volute) the impeller creates a partial vacuum/low pressure, and as this pressure is maintained it moves the fluid through the system.

The impeller is what dictates the centrifugal pump’s overall performance including flow, internal pressure and solid handling capacity. Keep your centrifugal pump impellers in top condition for optimal efficiency.

If you need help finding the right replacement impeller for your Scot Pump, we’re more than happy to help.

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