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Scot Pump Engine Base

Part No Description List Price
119.000.106 BASE ENGINE 6, 7 & 8 HP $146.00
119.000.151 BASE ENGINE 3 & 5 HP $86.00
119.000.204 BASE ENGINE 8 THRU 15 $323.00
119.000.204A BASE ENGINE 9HP YANMAR DIESEL $286.00
119.000.231A BASE STEEL ZS 4.18 HEIGHT WITH TONGUE $48.00
119.000.262 BASE MTR STL 5.43 HEIGHT $124.00
119.000.287A BASE STEEL 10GA 3.50 HEIGHT $57.00
119.000.385 BASE 7GA STL ZINC PLATED 5.00 HEIGHT $74.00

Scot Pump Replacement Base Parts

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With the widest selection of Scot Pump replacement parts for sale, Pump Solutions #1 Corporation is your best source for replacement engine bases. Find competitive pricing on base plates and other parts for your end suction centrifugal pumps, and expert help if you need help choosing the right base for your pumping equipment.


About centrifugal pump base plates

A base plate raises the pump and motor off the floor for easier, safer cleaning and the prevention of damage in case of spilling or flooding. A high quality pump base also serves to transfer vibration to the foundation and eventually subsoil. If the base plate isn’t properly installed the pump machinery can resonate on the base and cause damage.

Cast iron is an ideal material for the base plate of a centrifugal pump because it offers the best vibration dampening.

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