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Scot Pump Bearing Replacements

Part No Description List Price
103.000.102 BEARING STL LOCK COLLAR $84.00
103.000.146 BEARING DBL SLD #206 $32.00
103.000.150 BEARING DBL SLD #205 DOUBLE WIDE $133.00
103.000.158 BEARING DBL SLD #204 $32.00
103.000.163 BEARING DBL SLD #205 $52.00
103.000.167 BEARING DBL SLD #308 $117.00
103.000.171 BEARING DBL SLD #310 $153.00
103.000.210 BEARING DBL SLD #309 $312.00
104.000.242 BEARING WASHER LOCK #204 $13.17
105.000.460 BEARING LOCKNUT $17.13
119.000.458 BEARING SPRING WAVE STL #308 $46.00
132.000.186 BEARING BRACKET IRON $167.00

Scot Pump Bearings for Sale

Replacement Scot Pump motor bearings in stock & ready to ship

Scot Pump replacement parts including bearings are available with affordable prices and fast shipping from Pump Solutions #1 Corporation. We're your best source for Scot Pump bearings and have the industry expertise to help you track down the right motor bearings and other replacement parts for your pump. Order bearings online today or contact us for assistance.


About centrifugal pump bearingsScot Pump motor bearings for sale

Bearings play an important role in centrifugal pumps: they support hydraulic loads on the impeller, they support the physical mass of the shaft and impeller themselves, and support loads imposed by couplings and drive systems.  Centrifugal pump bearings also maintain axial and radial shaft deflections from exceeding recommended limits of the impeller and shaft seal.

Because they do so much, bearing failures are one of the leading causes of pump breakdowns. In some cases it’s due to fatigue at the end of the projected service life, but in many other cases bearings fail early because of corrosion, overheating, contamination, static overload and other issues.

Keep your Scot Pumps working reliably by making sure the motor bearings are maintained in good condition and replaced promptly when necessary. We offer excellent sales and support for replacement Scot Pump motor bearings and other parts, and we’re happy to help you find the parts you need.

Contact us online for expert help choosing or ordering Scot Pump bearings.

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