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Scot Pump Flingers

Part No Description List Price
104.000.104 FLINGER RBR/RED $4.77
104.000.107 FLINGER RBR/RED E10677-2 $4.77
104.000.153 FLINGER SS304 E12477 $7.86
104.000.165 FLINGER SS304 E10172-3 $10.33
104.000.171 FLINGER NEOPRENE E10584-3 $4.77
104.000.179 FLINGER RBR/RED E12476 $4.77
104.000.200 FLINGER SS304 E10161-3 $19.60
104.000.214 FLINGER RBR/RED E11931 $6.01
104.000.256 FLINGER SS304 E10209-5 $21.00
110.000.306 FLINGER SS304 E12486 $172.00
110.000.307 FLINGER SS304 E10723-1 $81.00
137.001.712X FLINGER BRNZ 932 $231.00

Scot Pump Replacement Flingers

Order a Water Flinger for Your Centrifugal Pump 

The water flinger is just one of the many Scot Pump replacement parts we have in stock and ready to ship. We have a large selection of Scot Pump flingers in neoprene, rubber, bronze, and stainless steel. If you need help pinning down the right flinger for your pump, we can help. As a Scot Pump master distributor we sell and support a wide range of Scot Pump products with competitive pricing and expert service.


About centrifugal pump flingersScot Pump water flingers for sale

The water flinger in a centrifugal pump is a ring that fits on the shaft and keeps water from getting into the bearing housing. A mechanical seal prevents water from bypassing the flinger when the pump is idle.

Water flingers are important for centrifugal pumps because one of the biggest causes of bearing failure is the bearing lubrication getting contaminated with moisture, which a functioning flinger prevents.

Flingers are also known as slingers or slinger rings. If you have any questions about ordering the right flinger or other replacement part for your Scot Pump, we’re more than happy to help.

Contact us online to order replacement water flingers or request more information.

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