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Scot Pump Keys

Part No Description List Price
102.000.102 KEY SQ SS303 $5.01
102.000.119 KEY SQ STL $5.01
102.000.130 KEY SQ STL $5.01
102.000.137 KEY SQ SS316 $6.05
102.000.179 KEY WOODRUFF #505 STL $5.01
102.000.208 KEY SQ SS316 $10.85
102.000.236 KEY SQ SS303 $15.39
102.000.256 KEY SQ SS316 $10.85
102.000.257 KEY SQ SS316 $13.83
102.000.282 KEY SQ SS316 $16.69
102.000.283 KEY SQ SS303 $10.85
102.000.284 KEY SQ SS316 $15.39
102.000.289 KEY SQ SS316 $29.00
137.001.249 KEY SQ 304SS $71.00
137.001.713 KEY SQ SS316 $99.00

Scot Pump Replacement KeyScot Pump shaft key for sale online

Keep your pump keys in good condition

Shaft/impeller keys are important for proper functioning of your centrifugal pump. The key is what keeps the shaft and impeller from transmitting torque, which can happen when there is relative rotation between these two parts.

When keys or keyways get rusted or corroded they can allow slippage and overheating. Bent or worn keys can be hard to remove, so it's best to replace the key whenever you replace the impeller or shaft.

Buy replacement Woodruff, rectangular or square keys and other Scot Pump replacement parts online, or contact us for expert help.


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