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Scot Pump Nut Hex & Lock

Part No Description List Price
105.000.116 NUT HEX FULL SS304 $1.86
105.000.118 NUT HEX FULL SS304 $1.86
105.000.120 NUT HEX FULL ZS $1.86
105.000.121 NUT HEX FULL ZS $1.86
105.000.174A NUT HEX JAM SS316 $7.86
105.000.187 NUT HEX FULL ZS $1.86
105.000.196 NUT HEX FULL ZS $1.86
105.000.255 NUT HEX FULL SS304 $3.86
105.000.307 NUT LOCK ZS .37 $1.86
105.000.328 NUT HEX FULL SS304 $8.36
105.000.347 NUT LOCK SS303 $24.00
105.000.465 NUT HEX SS303 W/NYLOC PATCH $9.86
105.000.472 NUT HEX JAM SS316 Call
105.000.514 NUT HEX SIL/BRZ $10.36
105.000.592 NUT HEX JAM ZS .31 $1.86
110.000.190 NUT LOCK SOCKET SS304 $37.00
137.001.349 NUT HEX JAM SS304 W/NYLOC PATCH $9.86

Scot Pump Replacement Nut Hex, Locks & Jams

Pump Solutions #1 Coproration Keeps Your Scot Pump Motor Running Efficiently with Replacement Parts!

From the Scot Pump lock to the jam and nut hex, Scot Pump replacement parts are custom engineered to fit different end suction centrifugal pump models perfectly. If you need help choosing a specific replacement part for your pump, call us today!


Contact a Scot Pump expert & order a replacement nut hex, jame or lock!

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