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Scot Pump Drain Plug

Part No Description List Price
106.000.101 PLUG PIPE EXTERNAL HEX CAP ZS .12 $2.30
106.000.284 PLUG PIPE HEX SCKT HD ZS .25 NPT $2.30
106.000.322 PLUG WITH O-RING TYPE HX HD ZS .875 $22.00
107.000.127 PLUG PIPE EXTERNAL HEX CAP BRS .12-27 $2.30
107.000.215 PLUG PIPE HEX SCKT HD BRS .25 NPT $6.01
107.000.292 PLUG PIPE SQ SCKT BRS .75 NPT $7.24
108.000.126 PLUG PIPE HEX SCKT HD SS304 .25 NPT $13.17
108.000.295 PLUG NYLON .25 SQ HD $6.01
137.001.083 PLUG PIPE SS304 10MM $13.17 PLUG PIPE SS304 10MM WITH VITON O-RING $15.28

Scot Pump Replacement PlugsScot Pump plugs for sale online

Centrifugal pump plug valves are made up of a rotating plug inside the body of a valve - this allows control of fluid flow by rotating to increase or decrease flow. A hex socket pipe plug has a sunken hexagon-shaped socket, while a hex head plug has a hexagon-shaped cap on the plug. Hex socket pipe plugs for Scot Pump pumps use specific materials and thread design according to the function of the plug.

The drain plug makes installing and servicing a centrifugal pump easier. Drain plugs let water drain out of the pump when it's off. Drain plugs also protect the pump casing in cold weather by preventing water from freezing, expanding and cracking the case. 

It's important to keep every part of a centrifugal pump in good working order for efficient operation and an optimal service life. Order replacement plugs for Scot Pump online or reach out for help ordering.

Contact us online for assistance with plugs or other Scot Pump parts.

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