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Scot Pump Drain Plug

Part No Description List Price
106.000.101 PLUG PIPE EXTERNAL HEX CAP ZS .12 $1.86
106.000.284 PLUG PIPE HEX SCKT HD ZS .25 NPT $1.86
106.000.322 PLUG WITH O-RING TYPE HX HD ZS .875 $20.00
107.000.127 PLUG PIPE EXTERNAL HEX CAP BRS .12-27 $1.86
107.000.215 PLUG PIPE HEX SCKT HD BRS .25 NPT $4.86
107.000.292 PLUG PIPE SQ SCKT BRS .75 NPT $5.66
108.000.126 PLUG PIPE HEX SCKT HD SS304 .25 NPT $10.36
108.000.295 PLUG NYLON .25 SQ HD $4.86
137.001.083 PLUG PIPE SS304 10MM $10.36 PLUG PIPE SS304 10MM WITH VITON O-RING $11.86

Scot Pump Replacement Plugs

Order a New Drain Plug for your End Suction Centrifugal Pump!

Any selection of Scot Pump replacement parts would be incomplete without the option of drain plugs. Don't limit yourself to the restrictive stock of another supposed "master distributor" of Scot Pump products - turn to Pump Solutions #1 Corporation for real options today!


Contact a Scot Pump professional today to order a replacement drain plug!

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