Close Coupled Centrifugal Pumps

  • Scot - American Marsh - Calpeda
  • Cast Iron, Bronze, Stainless
  • 3/4" - 14" Discharge
  • 9000 GPM
  • 450' TDH



Centrifugal Pump

Pump Solutions is a proud distributor of closed-coupled centrifugal pumps manufactured by Scot Pump, American Marsh, and Calpeda. Our knowledgeable sales staff is happy to help you find the closed-coupled centrifugal pump perfect for your specific needs. Contact our Wisconsin Pump Distributors to place your order today!

Close-Coupled Centrifugal Pumps vs. Traditional Centrifugal Pumps

A close-coupled centrifugal pump is a variation of a centrifugal pump built to save time, money, and hassle by eliminating separate couplings and frame mounts - requiring tedious alignments. The separate coupling of a traditional centrifugal pump is required to move the energy from the motor to the pump. Coupling alignments are of the most expensive and time-consuming elements of traditional centrifugal pumps. 

More simply, traditional centrifugal pumps require more parts, which could mean more maintenance or more chances for pump failure. This doesn’t mean a traditional centrifugal pump won’t meet your needs. It might be the best pump solution for you. However, for certain applications, the benefits of a close-coupled centrifugal pump just might be the perfect solution. Our experts at Pump Solutions #1 Corp will help you figure out the perfect pump solution for your unique needs.

Close-Coupled Centrifugal Pumps Applications

Instead of separate couplings traditional centrifugal pumps use, close-coupled centrifugal pumps use an impeller (the rotating part that moves liquid through the pump) as the central element of the motor component. They are built in the same casing as everything else. Because close-coupled centrifugal pumps are a one-piece solution they have many benefits, one being the ability to move various fluid types accurately and precisely.

Due to the versatility, simplicity, and cost-saving design of close- coupled centrifugal pumps, they are useful in many industries. Close- coupled centrifugal pumps are traditionally used with simple seals - meaning the temperature and corrosive nature of some liquids can’t be used. The use of simple seals (or none at all) isn’t necessarily a weakness of close -coupled centrifugal pumps. Some applications benefit from the sealless ability of close-coupled centrifugal pumps. 

However, if the liquid you are working with has high temperature or corrosive attributes, a traditional centrifugal pump could be your solution.

Benefits of Close-Coupled Centrifugal Pump Design

In addition to the benefits of saving time, money, and hassle, a close-coupled centrifugal pump has only one motor shaft and one set of bearings, giving it a smaller footprint so you can save space as well.

There are many uses and applications of close-coupled centrifugal pumps. For example, they are commonly used as metering pumps to move precise volumes of liquid, including, but definitely not limited to:

  • Drinking water
  • Boiler water
  • Swimming pool water
  • Waste water

The applications of close-coupled centrifugal pumps don’t end there, that’s just where they start. For example, the use of a close-coupled centrifugal pump is ideal for process applications when extremely high pressure is required. 

Some of the industries where close-coupled centrifugal pumps are the perfect solution include:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Municipal
  • Scientific

For pipework to the pump and from the pump, close-coupled centrifugal pumps are great solutions in any combination. Take the following table for example:

Pipework Location and Function

To the Pump From the Pump
Along Floor Along Floor
Along Floor To Ground
Along Floor To Ceiling
From Ground Along Floor
From Ground To Ground
From Ground To Ceiling
From Ceiling Along Floor
From Ceiling To Ground
From Ceiling To Ceiling
Wall-Mounted Wall-Mounted












Due to the simpler design of close-coupled centrifugal pumps intended to make pump solutions easier and less expensive for the end-user. There are some limitations the close-coupled centrifugal pump has that a traditional centrifugal pump does not. Although the applications are narrowed compared to a traditional centrifugal pump, a close-coupled centrifugal pump still has many uses across many industries.

Contact Pump Solutions close-coupled centrifugal pump distributors for more information or to place an order today. 

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