• Ball - Butterfly - Check
  • Flexible Connectors
  • Y-Strainers, Suction Diffusers
  • Triple Duty Valves, Off-Set Connectors
  • Solenoids

AMT and Scot Pump Valves, Connectors, and Strainers

Control your pumps easily with our large variety of pump valves, connectors, and strainers. Contact our product specialists for more information on industrial control valves and other pump parts.

Shop Scot Pump valves and other parts or All-Flo valves and other replacement parts.

Ball Valves are ideal for shutoff applications, due to their durability over time. Ball valves use a pivoting ball to control flow of the liquid. Butterfly Valves are similar to ball valves, except instead of a pivoting ball, butterfly valves have a rotating disc.

Check Valves are perfect for applications where you want to allow flow in one direction, but at the same time want to prohibit flow in the other direction.

Solenoid Valves are electromechanically operated. By using an electric current through a solenoid, they “automatically” control the flow of fluids. Multiple solenoid valves can be put together on a manifold.

Our flexible connectors are ideal for easily connecting pipes, pumps, and valves. Our Y-strainers are useful to help filter unwanted solids out of your fluid.

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