Variable Frequency Drive

  • WEG
  • 1 & 3 Phase
  • 1/4 - 600 HP
  • Compatible with Pressure, Flow, or Temperature Sensors
  • Multi Pump Control
  • 120 - 230 - 460 Voltage

Variable Frequency Drive Controllers for Pump Motors

WEG’s variable frequency drives provide effective and energy efficient control for pumps and motors. Our variable frequency controls respond to pressure sensors, temperature gauges, and flow sensors to control the speed and reduce the amount of energy required. We carry a range of variable frequency drives:

  • 1 phase
  • 3 phase
  • ¼ to 600 HP
  • 120, 230, or 460 voltage
  • Multi pump control

Designed for compatibility with standard pump motors, our variable frequency drives easily integrate into an existing pump system to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Pump Flow Control with VFD

Easily control the flow and efficiency of your liquid handling system with a variable frequency drive from Pump Solutions #1 Corp. We’re your one stop shop for all pumps, motors, replacement parts, repair kits, and more. If you’re not sure which pump, motor, or variable frequency drive you need, call us at 262-835-0774 for help from our experienced and knowledgeable service staff.

Contact the variable frequency drive suppliers at Pump Solutions #1 Corporation for a quote on pump equipment and components.

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