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Scot Pump Stub Shaft & Assemblies

Part No Description List Price
135.000.106X STUB SHAFT ASSEMBLY SS303 $255.00
135.000.163X STUB SHAFT ASSEMBLY BRASS $367.00
135.000.164X STUB SHAFT ASSEMBLY BRASS $498.00
135.000.165X STUB SHAFT ASSEMBLY BRASS $226.00
135.000.173X STUB SHAFT ASSEMBLY SS303 $564.00
135.000.174X STUB SHAFT ASSEMBLY SS316 $657.00
135.000.197X STUB SHAFT ASSEMBLY SS303 $447.00
135.000.221AX STUB SHAFT ASSEMBLY SS316 $763.00
135.000.221BX STUB SHAFT ASSEMBLY SS316 $869.00
135.000.221X STUB SHAFT ASSEMBLY SS316 $666.00
135.000.252X STUB SHAFT SS316 $564.00

Scot Pump Replacement Stub ShaftsScot Pump stub shaft for sale online

A stub shaft is short shaft that extends beyond its supporting bearings. In a centrifugal pump the impeller is mounted on the stub shaft and secured with a retaining pin.

As a Scot Pump master distributor we carry the best selection of stub shafts, motor shafts, mechanical seals, impellers, and all other Scot Pump parts. Buy online or contact us for help finding and ordering the right part.

Contact us online for more information or to order a stub shaft.

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