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3/8" PVDF

3/8" PVDF
Part No Chambers/Manifolds Diaphragms Valve/Ball Valve Seats O-Rings Connection Type List Price
C038-SQK-SSKE-S70 PVDF Santoprene® Santoprene® N/A EPDM NPT(BSP) $650.96
S038-SQP-GNPN-S70 Polypropylene Geolast® Geolast® N/A Nitrile NPT(BSP) $362.00
C038-SQK-TVKV-S70 PVDF PTFE Viton® N/A Viton® NPT(BSP) $797.22

Reliable polypropylene air center section combined with non-metallic clamped casing and elastomer materials ensure maximum chemical compatibility.  Our patented Max-Pass® valve system allows operation under a variety of conditions, ranging from clean fluids to slurries. Ideal for low volume clean fluids transfer applications.

  • Suitable for Clean Fluids, Slurries or up to 1/16” Solids
  • High Suction Lift
  • Muffler Included
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