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1/2" All Flo Pumps

1/2" all flo air diaphragm pump for sale

½” All-Flo AODD Pumps For Clean, Low Fluid Applications

Pump Solutions #1 Corp. is a licensed distributer of ½” All-Flo pumps for low to medium fluid transfer applications. ½” All-Flo pumps are utilized among a multitude of industries around the world ranging from food and beverage, petrochemical, oil and petroleum, mining, construction, aviation, agriculture and more.

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We carry a versatile range of ½” All-Flo pumps, best at handling cleaner fluid applications and mild solids. Choose from a variety of designs including, but not limited to, metallic, conductive Nylon, stainless steel, and aluminum. Featuring a freeze, leak, and stall free operation, All-Flo pumps adhere to the highest standard in quality and dependability. Never worry about your ½” pump breaking or malfunctioning easily when you switch to All-Flo.

1/2 Inch Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps in Metal or Plastic

Choose between metallic and non-metallic wetted components depending on your application needs. Most of our All-Flo pumps include a muffler, perfect for protecting your ears and enhancing worker communication on-site. When you’re looking for high quality pumps for solids, slurries, chemicals, and soaps, ½” All-Flo pumps are an excellent option for clean applications. 

½” All-Flo pumps provide flow rates up to 15 gpm, and can handle slurries, liquids, and solids up to 1/8.” Please use caution when using smaller pump models in abrasive environments. Check out the brochures above to discover the best ½” All-Flo pump based on your needs. 

All-Flo 1/2" Diaphragm Pump Warranty

Your ½” All-Flo pump is covered under a manufacturer warranty, stating any product defects are eligible for reimbursement. This warranty does not cover any damage which occurs from tampering or misuse of the pump after purchase.

We also sell All-Flo pump parts and wet end repair kits online.

If you have questions regarding the warranty or would like to request an All-Flo product, our pump distributers are available on the phone or online. 

Shop our full selection of All-Flo pumps to find the pump perfect for your application or contact your All-Flo distributor for assistance.

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