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1" All-Flo Pumps

1" air operated diaphragm pump for sale

1” Air Diaphragm Pumps For Medium Solid Environments 

Pump Solutions #1 Corp. is a prominent distributer of All-Flo pumps for commercial, institutional, and residential users worldwide. All-Flo pumps are used in industries ranging from landscaping, agriculture, aviation, HVAC, oil and petroleum, and petrochemical and construction. Our 1” All-Flo pumps handle clean fluids, slurries, and ¼” solid volumes. These pumps feature a leak-free and stall-free operation, ensuring dependability and lasting longer than a mediocre pump brand.

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1" AODD Pump Materials & Applications

Choose from a variety of pump designs including aluminum, stainless steel, PVDF, and Polypropylene, depending on your industry and application. For applications involving heavy chemicals and caustics, check out the stainless steel and Polypropylene models. Stainless steel All-Flo pumps resist corrosion, and work well with nitric acid, chlorinated solvents, and marine applications. Polypropylene pumps are better for milder acids and soap solutions. If you need a pump for more abrasive solids, our 1” All-Flo solid handling pumps are suitable for ¾” volume solids.

1” All-Flo pumps are available with metallic and non-metallic wetted components depending on which model you choose. If you need help picking the best 1” All-Flo pump for your industry, contact our All-Flo pump distributers for assistance. We also recommend checking the All-Flo manufacturer website for more information on the best applications for each 1” pump.   

1” All-Flo Pump Repair and Warranty Information  

Our 1” All-Flo pumps are covered under a manufacturer warranty upon purchase. If you notice any pump defects, not including tampering or misuse, you will be reimbursed. We also carry All-Flo replacement parts and wet-end repair kits. Our replacement parts and repair kits tend to minor pump damages, eliminating the hassle of visiting a technician. Our extensive selection of pump replacement parts serve almost every All-Flo pump model we carry, helping you easily repair your pump without buying a new one. 

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