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Scot Pump replacement washers

Part No Description List Price
104.000.121 WASHER LOCK ZS $1.86
104.000.123 WASHER LOCK ZS $1.86
104.000.124 WASHER LOCK ZS $1.86
104.000.124C WASHER LOCK SS316 $1.86
104.000.126 WASHER LOCK ZS $1.86
104.000.127 WASHER LOCK ZS $1.86
104.000.129 WASHER LOCK SS304 $3.86
104.000.129A WASHER LOCK SS316 $4.86
104.000.130 WASHER LOCK SS304 $1.86
104.000.134 WASHER LOCK SS304 $1.86
104.000.147 WASHER LOCK SS304 $3.86
104.000.148 WASHER LOCK SS304 $1.86
104.000.154 WASHER FLAT SS304 $10.36
104.000.168 WASHER D SS316 $4.86
104.000.203 WASHER LOCK SS304 $1.86
104.000.235 WASHER D SS316 Call
104.000.239 WASHER STN W/.37 FLAT $1.86
104.000.272 WASHER FLAT SS304 $24.00
104.000.287 WASHER LOCK SS304 $3.86
110.000.127 WASHER RETAINER ZS 1.37 ID X 3.0 OD $48.00
137.001.710 WASHER RETAINER SS304 $152.00
137.001.711 WASHER LOCK SS316 $4.66
137.001.782 WASHER RETAINER SS304 .81 ID X 2.49 X .50 THK $337.00

Lock, flat & D washers for Scot PumpScot Pump washers for sale online

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation is a Scot Pump master distributor and trusted resource for all Scot Pump repalcement parts including lock washers, retainer washers, D washers, screws, nuts and much more.

A lock washer holds a nut or other threaded hardware in place by going between the mounting surface and the nut. The sharp edges of the lock washer effectively prevent counter-rotation by locking together with the threads of the nut.

Flat washers go between a nut and a mounting surface and give the head of the nut (or bolt) a smooth bearing surface while also distributing the load over a wider area of the mounting surface.

A retainer or retaining washer (aka retention washer) holds other fasterners in place.

A D washer has a D-shape from a flat edge on either the outer or inner diameter. D-washers go under the head of a nut or bolt with the flat edge along a flat surface or recessed hole. This helps disperse the load and prevent the washer from turning during operation.It's important to keep washers and other fasteners in good condition for optimal performance.

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