Scot Pumps for Agriculture

Pumps for AgricultureChemical & Water Spray Pumps for Agricultural & Irrigation Applications

Pumps for agriculture are specifically designed to withstand the chemical properties of fertilizers used in fields and on farms. Scot Pump has end suction centrifugal pumps for sale at Pump Solutions #1 Corporation for agricultural and irrigation specialists who need motor pumps to keep their productions running smoothly. Call us today for more information regarding Scot Pumps and their compatibility with different fertilizers such as: 

  • Binary Fertilizers

  • NPK Fertilizers

  • Nitrogen Fertilizers

  • Compound Fertilizers

  • Organic Fertilizers

  • Potassium Fertilizers

  • Phosphate Fertilizers

If you work with fertilizer on a regular basis, you already know the frequency of application depends on vegetative growth, bulb formation and time of the year. Even if you have extensive experience with different soil texture, vegetables, grains, flowers, grasses and other crops, you may not know where to buy pumps for agriculture. Contact Pump Solutions #1 Corporation when you need the best the agricultural and irrigation pump market has to offer. We're the top source for end suction centrifugal pumps in fertilizer and irrigation applications - contact us today!



End Suction Centrifugal Pumps for Agricultural Sprayers & Fertilizer Specialists

Order the Framepump™ for Fertilizer Application

Constructed with TEFC motors and Viton seals, each of our Scot Pumps are engineered to exceed the standards of pumps built to work with fertilizer in the agriculture industry.

Features of the Framepump™

Single Seal Hydraulic Motor Pressureseal™
Up to 2500 GPM  Compatible with Hydraulic Motors 1500 to 4000 RPM Tank System Filled with 50-50% Glycol-Water Solution 
Drive Shafts 5/8" to 1 3/8"  Up to 30 GPM   Pump May Run Dry Without Affecting Seal
 Cast Iron or 316 Stainless Steel  Cast Iron or 316 Stainless Steel  Pump Only or Base Mounted Available
 Heads to 400 Feet  Splined Pump Shaft  Hydraulic Motor Available
Pully, PTO, Clutch or Base Mounted Handles Water & Fertilizers with Ease Clutch Driven Available


Agricultural Spray? Check out the Motorpump™

From agriculture to irrigation, the Motorpump from Scot Pump is a heavy duty and easy to maintain pump you can use with various chemicals and fertilizers.

Motorpump™ Specifications

Cast Iron Stainless Steel
3500 RPM 1750 RPM Cast Stainless Welded Stainless
 High Pressure High Flow  3500 RPM  3500 RPM 
 1/2 to 100 HP 20 to 60 HP  1/2 to 15 HP  1/2 to 25 HP 
 Nema J56, JM, JP Frames Nema JP Frames  Nema J56, TC Frames  Nema J56, JM Frames 


Fertilizer Spraying is Simple with the Enginepump™

Perfect for use with fertilizers in agriculture applications, the Enginepump is one of many end suction centrifugal pumps we have for sale online from Scot Pump.

The Scot Pump Enginepump™

Straight Centrifugal Self Priming
Up to 350 GPM  Up to 400 GPM 
 74 PSI Max Pressure 50 PSI Max Pressure 
Fertilizer Compatible   25 Foot Suction Lift



Scot Pumps & Motor Assemblies for Sale

Order Pump Ends Online from Pump Solutions #1 Corporation

Fertilizer Pumps for SaleBefore you establish your fertilization schedule for the season and start collection data on the soil, chemicals, tissue and water you'll be handling this year, make sure you're equipped with the pump motor assemblies and pump ends you need. It doesn't matter if yoour fluid handling system will be operating with water or fertilizers. Have your products ordered and shipped as soon as possible so your time can be used to prepare your fields instead of spending hours browsing the internet for pump manufacturers and distributors. 

Scot Pump & Motor Assemblies 

Scot Pump Ends

Pump Solutions #1 Corporation is your best resource when it comes to finding end scution centrifugal pumps and parts as soon as possible. Contact us today to place your orders or to find more information on our full supply!

Contact our agriculature pump supplier today for more information!

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