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  • Pump SolutionsWhat is the Difference between Oil Filled and Air Filled Submersible Pumps?

    Manufacturers have been debating long about filling a submersible pump cavity with oil or without oil. An oil filled pump is filled with oil to cover the bearing and windings. An air filled pump is not filled with oil but with air. So when one of these motors transfers heat from the rotor core or motor windings it is done with oil or water. SHOP ALL PUMPS BEST PRICES ONLINE! Pros and Cons of Oil Filled and Air Filled Pumps. OIL FILLED AIR FILLED PROS PROS ... Read More

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  • Pump SolutionsScot Pump Repair & Maintenance Service

    Wisconsin’s Full-Service Scot Pump Dealer Pump Solutions #1 Corporation distributes, installs and services Scot Pumps throughout Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Upper Michigan, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We understand the importance of keeping your entire fluid handling system working efficiently at all times. Even the smallest malfunction in your pumping system can cost you valuable production time and money. So when there’s a problem, we treat it as though it’... Read More

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  • Pump SolutionsTypes of industrial pump control valves and how they work

    There are many different pump valve types available to enable control of fluid flow rate by changing the size of the flow passage. Pump valves also help control the direction of flow, pressure, temperature and liquid level. Ball valves use a pivoting perforated ball to control flow of liquid. They are ideal for shutoff applications because of their longevity and durability. Butterfly valves are similar to ball valves, but instead of a pivoting ball, a rotating disc is used to control the flow.... Read More

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  • Pump SolutionsHow Does an Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Work?

    First let’s describe all the parts inside an air operated Diaphragm pump. The parts of a diaphragm pump include: Inlet and outlet where water comes in and out. Two liquid chambers connected by a shaft Two diaphragms 2 inlet balls and 2 out let balls Air valve As air pressure hits the back of diaphragm A the suction process begins on diaphragm B. This creates a vacuum like force in chamber B allowing water to pass through the inlet ball valve. As the diaphragm B discharge stroke r... Read More

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  • Pump SolutionsAMT Pumps Are American Made

    Industry Leading Electric Water Pumps Created By AMT The backbone of many companies and applications is the fluid handling system. When the pump breaks down, or runs less efficiently, the effects are noticed immediately, wasting your time and money. Which is why Pump Solutions #1 only sells leading dependable brands. The AMT pumps and services they provide have been setting the high standards in the pump world for over 70 years. Their name and products are trusted to consistently work in indust... Read More

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  • Pump SolutionsDependable Pumps Manufactured Since 1873

    American-Marsh Pumps Lead the Industry in Quality and Performance Driven Products Businesses want a pump built by a company who understands the constantly changing needs on the worksite. They don’t want to invest in a company who will end up going under in a few short years. American-Marsh Pump is the manufacturer with the solutions to all your industrial needs. Being in business since 1873, American-Marsh has mastered the art of manufacturing top quality pumps, suited to the needs of com... Read More

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  • Pump SolutionsAll-Flo Pumps Create Dependable Results in Toughest Conditions

    Internationally Recognized Pumps Sold by Wisconsin Pump Company Globally recognized distributors rely on All-Flo to manufacture high quality, dependable pumps which work effectively day in and day out. From oil and petroleum companies to construction, All-Flo is a name regularly seen in warehouses and worksites around the world. With customizable pumps and solutions provided by All-Flo, they have earned a reputation as one of the top pump manufacturing companies both nationally and internationa... Read More

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  • Pump SolutionsMidwest Pump Supply and Repair

    Wisconsin Based Pump Distributor Serves Illinois and Indiana Pump Solutions #1 Corporation is the Midwest’s top choice for pump repair, replacement and service. Our knowledgeable experts, based in Wisconsin, help businesses in Illinois and Indiana with all their pump needs. Different fluids require different pumping systems for peak efficiency. We help in pump equipment selection, ensuring the fluid handling system you get is the best one for your needs. Once your system is in place, we ... Read More

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  • Pump SolutionsNew and Improved Pump Solutions #1 Corp Website

    Visit Pump Solutions #1 Corporation’s brand new website for your one stop pump solutions stop. Our new site is improved to allow quicker, more convenient access to the best pump solutions around. We offer decades of expert knowledge in pump installation, purchase, and system repair with the same great customer service as before. Explore our high quality brand name pump components and equipment for your high quality pump system needs. Professional after purchase pump installation, maint... Read More

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